Blocked Toilets

Blocked ToiletBlocked toilets can be a pain to deal with. Whatever the situation is, we’ll fix it right away – whether it is blocked, leaking or if you need a new installation of a new toilet after renovation.

Some issues are very easy to fix with a simple plunger, but there are times you might need specialized tools to get your toilet up and running right away. If you’ve tried everything and your toilet still does not work, call us right away because we definitely can get it up and working right away.

Leaking toilets might end up damaging the bathroom and running you many thousands of dollars in extra costs over the long run. This might even lower the value of the property. Leaking toilets can also raise your water bills by substantial amounts because water is being wasted without even realizing it. You need to be aware of this and fix the issues quickly.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, give us a call as well. If you are not careful when installing your own utilities, you might end up damaging the property instead and end up undoing the good work of renovating your home.